This morning was wonderful, waking up to sunshine, having tea in bed while looking through the stack of library books begging to be read.   Lots and lots of gardening and being outside has really tired me out, but it’s only 5:25 PM and it’s Saturday.  I’ll take a shower and have something to eat and think about tomorrow’s projects while decorating my garden markers. 🙂  I’ll miss my family in Nevada City tomorrow (for Easter), but my parents are stopping by next Saturday for a visit (it’s been a LONG time), so there’s a little consolation there. 😉

However, I learned a few things today, too.  On my way to the library and into town, I walked up the hill to the hive to see how things were.  It was very, very quiet.  There were 25-30 dead bees on the ground around the hive.  I told myself it was early and still chilly, but also that we were told to expect some to die.  It didn’t help that much, though.  When I walked into New Leaf to grind my peanut butter, I looked at all of the honey displayed next to the dispensers and – teared up.  I feel so stupid sometimes, this deep feeling of love for all things I have pledged to care for.  It overwhelms me sometimes.  On my way to the Farm and Feed, I talked to my Mom (we were discussing basil crops), and told her what I saw (the bees).  She has no experience with keeping bees so did not know what to tell me, but I laughed when she said something  *very similar* to something Seeds in the City said, ‘well, it seems like they give you 3 pounds of bees for a reason, that maybe a pound might not make it.’  🙂

Sure enough, when I got home and turned on the bubbling fountain, there was a vision of bees in the air.  The sounds of the buzzing, the beautiful way they flew around everything, and all of the color in the bright sunshine was true bliss.

Okay, shower, dinner and art projects are calling.